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Helpful visual tool for accurate surveying and efficient vessel maintenance

Virtual Vessel creates photographic digital twins


Streamline workflows

Remote inspections or visits to check on details. Add images to work orders. Improve repair pre-production and preparation. Show actual situations during training and on boarding. The list goes on and on.

Get better quotes

Add photographic visuals to your quotation requests to highly improve the quality of quotes. Without surprises afterwards for client and contracter.


Add photographic time stamped proof to in- and out- surveys. Either to deliver to a client or keep private as proof for claims or damages.


Virtual Vessels offer versatile capabilities, from dry dock shoots to customized job-specific models, allowing you to showcase specific sections of the complete model for sharing with shipyards or other stakeholders. With Virtual Vessels, you can capture anywhere from 500 to 8000 (and beyond) tour images, enabling detailed exploration of areas such as engines, machinery, connections, cooling systems, pipes, funnels, and voids. The possibilities for capturing and presenting vessel information are limitless. This immersive experience facilitates decision-making, planning, and collaboration, leading to improved communication and efficiency in shipyard projects.



Virtual Vessel began as a personal interest that evolved into a thriving business. Martijn Baudoin, the founder, started creating 360 images in 2011, driven by his inner motivation. His work garnered over 400 million views on Google Maps and earned him the prestigious Gold Award for “Google Contributors.” He embarked on a global journey across five continents, capturing 360 content for online commercials while working at Studio Mambeau, as a Mediamonks contractor.

Today, Virtual Vessel comprises a dedicated team of specialists, including web developers, editors, and photographers. Headquartered in The Netherlands, we operate on a global scale, delivering our services to clients worldwide.

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“We never have to ask the captain to take a picture for HQ anymore”

“Every location is easy to find because of the integrated General Arrangement”

“Due to the small camera we can see much much more that we expected. Below and beyond, Awesome!”

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